Short-term Planners and Homeschool Manager

binocularsHomeschool Manager fits very well with short-term planners because our scheduling system is based on a week-by-week view. Weekly, bimonthly, or monthly planning will feel quite fluid and natural within the system. You can quickly and easily enter assignments on the weekly schedule.

Short-term Planners have learned to go with the flow. You are happy knowing what lies ahead of you for the next week or month, but allow for flexibility as long as you’re seeing progress. You are pleased with a general idea of what needs to be accomplished, like reading a historical book for the week or working through all steps of a science experiment. Short-term planners look toward the week, month, or perhaps the year, but plan according to the short-term goals for each child.

Some features you may like:

  • An easy-to-see, easy-to-use weekly view of a student’s schedule
  • Print a student’s weekly schedule if they won’t have computer access that week
  • Manually override any fields on report cards and transcripts
  • Easily change dates for any task