Long-term Planners and Homeschool Manager

telescopeLong-term Planners usually like to check off accomplishments. You may get discouraged if a child didn’t accomplish a goal or isn’t interested in what you worked so hard to plan. When a difficulty comes your way, you often try to continue on your original plan- it cost you too much time planning to change up now.

It’s important for long-term planners to know that Homeschool Manager doesn’t automatically bump or reschedule tasks for you. While you can input a full year of assignments if you’d like, we encourage users to schedule only a few weeks or month at a time so your homeschool schedule reflects your real life. If you prefer to plan your full year up front, you would just need to manually rearrange the dates for these assignments should things not go according to plan and you need to lengthen your school year. If you plan to end at the same time, your kids will simply work off the backlog until they have caught up.

Some features you may like:

  • Create a transcript at any time and use it as a planning tool
  • Students can check off tasks “complete” themselves
  • Students can help enter tasks and may enter grades if you enable them
  • Drag-and-drop assignments to move or copy them within the schedule
  • Enter tasks and assignments on any date you choose – we give you control of your schedule