Create a Summer Bucket List {right now}

by Allie Olsen
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Don’t guess what will make the summer awesome for your family- create a bucket list together!

When the routine of school is removed from your day, what’s left?

We all want summer memories to be amazing but without a little curation, summer days can devolve into tv all day or every toy strewn across a house so messy it’s hard to walk through without stepping on a lego while the kiddos whine, I’m bored!!! There’s a fix for this: the summer bucket list.

We’ve had some good and some bad summers over our 25 years of parenthood. As a large homeschooling fam, summer camps and endless trips to see movies and go bowling weren’t in the budget. We had a lot of PB&J beach days. (Life in Florida has perks!) As the age spread of the kiddos grew (oldest to youngest is 19 years), trying to make summer memories magical for everyone flew out of reach. Finally, hubby suggested I ask the kids what they wanted to do (brilliant!). We created our first Summer Bucket List and have never looked back. Studies show that anticipatory pleasure is often as thrilling as the experience itself so our Bucket List gives us a chance to: 1) know what the perfect summer day would feel like to each, very different, child 2) look forward to fun throughout the summer 3) discuss and address expectations & comparison 4) have a BLAST in our own, unique, quirky way!

Summer Bucket List Rules:

  1. Everyone in the family contributes ideas
  2. Ideas have be local & fit in the budget
  3. Most need to include the whole family

SUMMER Bucket List Ideas

Yesterday was our Summer Bucket List day. I put out a foam core board and markers, set out a few favorite treats, and we brainstormed together. I hold the marker to make sure that the things that make it on the list are things we can actually do (that goes with rule #2). I listen to all the ideas and we don’t belittle one another’s ideas. Brainstorming and finding ways to say yes to the ideas everyone comes up with (even if I don’t say yes to the actual suggestion) is important to me. For example, Remi (6) wants to go to Disney World. We are definitely not going to Disney World (photo below of his initial reaction) but we are hitting up a water park with all our tutorial friends- I pointed out that was our “big thrill” experience this year and we all chatted about the fun we’d have there. Still thrilling. And within budget. We’re cultivating realistic expectations. Win/win/win.

Homeschool Summer Bucket List

We’ve had everything on our Summer Bucket List from hiking days with friends to a Star Wars movie marathon to MarioKart Competition in costumes to concerts in the park (now that we live near Nashville, the live music scene is bangin!). This year’s new addition is a Forbidden Books Club – books I’ve told my kids no to over the years but they’re old enough to read now. We’ll read and discuss & maybe even watch the dumb movies I’ve been avoiding for a decade. LOL The coolest thing about summer bucket lists is they’re as unique as your family – you’re very likely to learn a thing or two about your kiddos as you make the list together.

You should definitely start a homeschool family Summer Bucket List today. You can take a shortcut and use our printable Summer Bucket List... but, honestly, don’t. The best part of a homeschool family bucket list is personalizing it to your fam! If the whole idea is daunting or a family pow-wow will start WWIII, feel free to print off Homeschool Manager’s basic summer bucket list (below) for starters! Have fun this summer!

Homeschool Manager Summer Bucket List

Published by Allie Olsen