Don't bring public school home... enjoy the flexibility of homeschooling!

Hey public school friends… homeschoolers do not do school at home and we don’t think you should either! I know you’re scrambling now that kids are home and work is…

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Better Together

by Allie Olsen
homeschool convention corona virus

As the homeschool community respects “social distancing” to combat the health crisis, many are missing the opportunity to browse, learn and shop at Homeschool Conventions. Vendor friends of ours were discussing…

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back to homeschool printable list

While my neighbors are counting down the days ’til the big yellow bus whisks their kids back to school, I’m over here counting down the days until the pool is empty…

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I love loveliness. I always have, it’s been a theme in my life since I was a tiny thing exploring the rose garden with my Grammy. She would count the…

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Homeschooling High School, How to incorporate interests, strengths and passions into courses and high school credit. And transcripts!

Homeschooling mamas- have you ever wished you could chat with an experienced mom and glean from all her knowledge? We sat down with our friend and author of Celebrate High…

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Celebrate ALWAYS!

by Elizabeth Bennett

Pause, Mama. Pause, and breathe deep. There is a sweetness in the crisp air, anticipation. Are you aware of it? Or, have all the “shoulds,” to-do lists, menu planning, baking,…

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Lift the mood in your home and homeschooling

Allie shares with us how disrupting the usual day-to-day with some unexpected fun can lighten the mood of your home and make homeschooling more enjoyable. Here’s your “Combating Crazy with…

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