How to Write a Thank You Note

by Allie Olsen

how to write a really good thank you note

So you opened a cool present and it’s time to write a thank you note. Do you know how?

Do you just add a quick thanks for the gift personalization to a card and drop it in the mail? Can you tear a sheet of paper from an old notebook? Do you have to splurge for a pack of Hallmark thank you notes? If you’re wondering, “How do I write a good thank you note?!”… you’ve come to the right place.

Here’s what not to do (what to do is at the end of this post!):

Dear Aunt Jennie,

Thank you for the sweater. It is amazing.


That’s a boring, generic thank you note. You can do better. Here’s how:

Start with a personalized Greeting
After your salutation (that’s the Dear Aunt Jennie part), open with a personalized greeting. Recall when you were last together, your surprise at receiving a gift from them or a favorite shared memory. Use 1-2 sentences to connect with the gift giver.

Mention the Gift
Next, bring up the gift. We’re talking specifics here. If it’s a sweater, mention the color and how soft it is. If it’s a gift card, talk about how much you like the store and when you plan to shop there. Basically, let the giver know what you like best about the gift.

THEN say Thank You
Now that you’ve greeted them and identified the gift, it is finally time to say thanks. Short sentences pack a powerful punch… it’s ok to just say: “Thank you.” Alternately, mention how sweet they were to gift that and write your sincere thanks. Finally, mention how you plan to use it if you didn’t already.

Kind Closing
I love to close with something personal instead of from, sincerely or yours truly. Try one of these:

  • “Can’t wait to see you!”
  • “You’re the best,”
  • “Love you so much,”
  • “Your favorite niece,”
  • “Gratefully,”

Put it All Together
Open with a friendly, specific greeting, identify the gift then say thank you. Here’s how that sweater thanks could look:

Dear Aunt Jennie,

Christmas has always been my favorite holiday. You and Uncle Johnny surprising us made this one awesome!! I know you wanted a white Christmas so I’m sorry it didn’t snow until the last day but Taco, Cat, Goat Cheese, Pizza was almost as much fun as a snowball fight!


Most people roll their eyes when they open a Christmas gift and it’s socks and a sweater but that’s because they don’t have a cool aunt to buy R2D2 gear for them. My friends are gonna be so jealous.


Thank you for the sweater. It is amazing! Can’t wait to see you guys over Spring Break!

Your favorite nephew,

Taking the time to write a sincere note may not guarantee another good gift next year but it shows gratitude & it’s a fun, easy way to make someone else smile. If the gift was awful, you may have to work hard to come up with a great thank you note… but it’s worth the effort. Kindness… pass it on!

p.s. Need ideas for how young kids can write creative thank you notes? Check out this post: 5 Creative Ways to Say Thanks

Published by Allie Olsen