50 Ways to Avoid Homeschool Burnout

by Allie Olsen

Avoid Homeschool Burnout Series

I used to have a neat home with everything in its place at the end of each night. I used to be able to find the dining room table beneath projects. I used to read ravenously… sometimes a novel in a day! I used to like snuggly movie nights with my hubby… back when I could plop on the couch without sitting on a lego!

I still do those things sometimes {bliss!} but, if I’m not careful, our family’s homeschool takes over our home and our calendar without regard for the goals and ideals we’ve set for our family. The flipside is also true. I have to guard against elevating those ideals and only being happy with our homeschool days if I also have cleanliness, down time, romance and time with my BFF. Weeks where all of that comes together at once are few and far between!

Homeschooling reminds me of a can of Great Stuff. Great Stuff is the spray-foam insulation you use to fill holes in walls… you know what I’m talking about. It’s nice and neat and compact in the can when you buy it.

Then you use it. It expands and covers everything and can be a real mess to clean up!

Homeschooling Covers Everything Homeschool Manager


Homeschooling does that to my calendar and my home. It’s wonderful and I’m so grateful for it!! But planning, creating hands-on activities, making time for grading, co-op activities, and field trips take a lot of time! And we haven’t even talked about checking state-required boxes like attendance & record keeping! (Shameless plug: Homeschool Manager helps with planning and record keeping!). This precious gift, homeschooling our kiddos, can fill my life and expand to smother it until my dreams are filled with a sea of papers and to-do’s, lego creations and cute little homeschooled faces covered in peanut butter and jelly.

This “Avoid Homeschool Burnout” series aims to help! Each linked post will have even more help to spark your creativity… in case you just used up all your creativity bringing Roman history to life. ;) Add your ideas in the comments to each one… together we can help one another thrive!

50 Ways to Avoid Homeschool Burnout

We’re building a list and checking it twice… what ideas would you add to our “Avoid Homeschool Burnout”. Email us your ideas. If we share your idea with other homeschooling families in a post, we’ll send you a Homeschool Manager sticker for your water bottle! Howdy@HomeschoolManager.com

Published by Allie Olsen