Avoid Homeschooling Burnout: Stop and Worship

by Allie Olsen

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I was participating in a #homeschool twitter party when something caught me completely off guard.

Rachel Carmen, owner of Apologia, commented that when she needs recharging during her homeschool day, she stops and worships God. I was floored.

Homeschool Manager Avoid Homeschool Burnout

My homeschool day isn’t super long but it is pretty tightly scheduled. I move from reading with our 5 year old to editing papers with our 12 year old to teaching the 7 year old math with the precision of an ice dancer… though not always with the grace they display! The thought of stopping and worshiping {and losing all 6 children during this time} makes me twitch.

There, I said it. I value my routine more than my Lord in those moments.

Keeping to routines is a good thing. But my schedule should not be my God…

So I’m trying it. I’m worshipping instead of nagging or hiding in the bathroom {you know you do it, too} or turning to my phone or yelling. And you know what? Worshiping may not change my children’s attitudes when things are going awry but it always changes mine. Once I have my own attitude reset, I’m able to resume teaching with love, patience and kindness.

What does this look like in our homeschool? Sometimes it’s singing along to worship music with whomever is willing. Sometimes it’s taking a break in my room for prayer and praise. Sometimes it’s a walk outside to worship my Creator as I catch my breath outside and clear my head. How could you stop and worship to shift the direction of your heart… and maybe your day?

Next time you’re nearing a meltdown in your homeschool, take a break to worship. Listen to The Teacher and wash your heart with His love and His Word. Then share this love with your students in your instruction and encouragement and correction!!

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Published by Allie Olsen