Chores: Nagging vs. Training

by Allie Olsen

“Get your chores done! I thought I told you to clean your room! If I have to tell you one more time…”

Life is much less complicated if our children cooperate and do what we ask the first time!
Nagging doesn’t accomplish our ultimate desire for our children and families. However, while moving at the speed of life, we operate under the false assumption that nagging works, at least temporarily.

We desire a God-honoring home where we cheerfully work together, but we sometimes believe we can merely issue orders hoping our children fall in line. Worse, we do not train our children because it is too much hassle. We divide learning and life when, in reality, they are components of a whole; children learn academically and from working. Possibly, we dislike home chores, and our attitudes influence our children. Our problems grow if we move through each day without a specific plan to teach good work habits.

In my fantasies, I picture a magic formula that produces cooperative children, makes chores run smoothly, and lightens the workload. Alas, no magic formula exists, but available tools and a few guidelines help us train our children.
Even toddlers can do some chores. If working together is what the family always does, children will learn cooperation.
Assign age-appropriate chores to each child.

No tool is perfect, so experiment to find what works for you. Helpful tools alone do not do the job; your interaction trains your children.

We desire good work habits for our children and working knowledge about caring for their future households. Soon your words will return to you having accomplished their intended purpose—maybe even the first time!

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Did you know? You can use Homeschool Manager as another tool to assign and manage your family’s chores!

Published by Allie Olsen