Eight Pillars of Prosperity, My Favorite Book

by Joe Bennett

Along comes a book every once in awhile that changes your life. Eight Pillars of Prosperity by James Allen recently changed mine.

I had read Allen’s well known book, As A Man Thinketh a few years ago and my interest in his work stopped there until last month. I happened to stumble upon a recording of someone reading the Eight Pillars of Prosperity on Youtube and was fascinated. It was one of those experiences where you know that you’re reading/listening to THE book for you for this exact season of your life. If you’ve experienced this feeling, you know how amazing and wonderful it is.

Within a few days I purchased the audiobook on iTunes so I could listen without causing massive data-overages on my iPhone. This is probably one of the best purchases I’ve ever made on iTunes. The narration is terrific and the book has been tastefully and slightly updated with modern language. The original book was written almost 100 years ago and is truly beautiful in its vocabulary, simplicity, and rhythm.

It’s a practical, philosophical, and theoretical approach to living a prosperous life (note that this is not just about money, Allen’s approach in this book actually mentions money very little) that is only superseded by the Bible itself.

Parents, please note that there’s mention of various religions and faiths in this book and Allen seems to take a very spiritual yet occasionally humanist approach to living. For the most part it is practical, but these ideas and philosophies are included. If you’re sharing this book with your kids and this is of concern for you, you may find it more appropriate for high schoolers, but the principals taught are good for any age.

After listening to it roughly 30 times I’m still in love with this book!


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Published by Joe Bennett