Teaching With Childlike Wonder

by Joe Bennett

I had the most fun reading to Judah and Noelle about clock making the other day.

We have this book about inventions with wonderful, whimsical illustrations. I sat down to read it with the kids before putting them to bed and opened to the page about the invention of the clock.

They were so excited and so was I, I’m always excited about creating things, and it definitely came through in my reading. Clocks were suddenly the best things on earth.

I was reminded about how much influence we have over our pupils as teachers and how much we can excite their curious minds through simple vocal emphasis and inflection.

Before I knew it, I had the great idea of grabbing my watch and explaining how daddy’s watch is a type of clock. They eagerly listened to the quiet, tick-tick-tick as I held the watch to their ears. The amazement on their faces snapped me back to childhood and I held it to my ear for the first time too.

It was a blast!

After telling Judah that my watch ran on a tiny battery, he offered the type of idea only an innocent 5 year old can, “I have a great idea Dad, in the morning let’s get my tools and open up your watch so we can put it back together again.” Fearing the life of my treasured watch, I gently explained why that wasn’t a good idea and how we need to employ watchmakers for that type of service on daddy’s watch.

Noelle then chimed in with “I want to be a watchmaker!”

So. Much. Fun.


Published by Joe Bennett