Avoid Homeschooling Burnout: Go on a Date

by Allie Olsen

Homeschooling Covers Everything Homeschool Manager

Homeschooling reminds me of a can of Great Stuff.

Great Stuff is the spray insulation you use to fill holes in walls… you know what I’m talking about. It’s nice and neat and compact when you buy it.

Then you use it.

It expands and covers everything and is a real mess to clean up!

Homeschooling is like that, too. Planning, creating hands-on activities, making time for grading, co-op activities, and field trips and checking state-required boxes like attendance & homeschool record keeping can fill my life and expand to smother it until my dreams are filled with a sea of papers and to-do’s and cute little homeschooled faces covered in peanut butter and jelly.

After 10 years of experience, I offer this protip: Schedule a date with your honey before you plan school activities! Plan ahead instead of trying to squeeze in time for the most important relationship in your life.

No matter how full and busy your life is, you can make space for special moments with your spouse. My hubby doesn’t have a lot of free time right now because he’s putting finishing touches on Homeschool Manager in addition to working his day job. But dates don’t have to be all night affairs! Here are some date ideas we’ve made time for recently:

  • coffee and prayer at home after the kids are in bed {decaf!} or first thing in the morning
  • a weekend brunch date when our oldest could babysit
  • jogging together around the neighborhood {takes about 20 minutes}
  • working at the same table at night & pausing to chat & for kisses = just being together
  • a Redbox movie date {cheap and doesn’t require any planning or conversation on those days we’re too tired to talk}
  • double date with friends who can encourage, laugh with and pray with us
  • one round of a favorite card game

Dates don’t have to be romantic dinners by candlelight- though I highly recommend those, too. Dates don’t have to be expensive or long or out of the house or even romantic at all! Dates do have to be special times for you and your spouse to have fun together, laugh and have uninterrupted conversation.

Published by Allie Olsen