The Type-A Mom

Everyone knows you from a mile away. You not only have your curriculum purchased for next year before summer is in full swing, but the books are color-coded by student and alphabetized! You are a planner and an achiever {we didn’t say overachiever but we know you thought it!} and expect your students to keep pace with the goals you set.

Typically a long-term planner, you usually like to check off accomplishments. You may get discouraged if a child didn’t accomplish a goal or isn’t interested in what you worked so hard to plan. When a difficulty comes your way, you often try to continue on your original plan- it cost you too much time planning to change up now.

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Short-term Planners

You’ve learned to go with the flow. You are happy knowing what lies ahead of you for the next week or month, but allow for flexibility as long as you’re seeing progress. You are pleased with a general idea of what needs to be accomplished, like reading a historical book for the week or working through all steps of a science experiment. Short-term planners look toward the week, month, or perhaps the year, but plan according to the short-term goals for each child.

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Adapting Planners

Do you plan one unit study at a time? Does your school revolve around re-enacting, community events or travel with Dad? Do you care for aging parents or struggle with health issues? Adapting Planners have goals and lesson plans but constantly flex them to fit their family’s circumstances. If you’ve learned to change directions when you hear about an interesting event or an illness comes your way, see how Homeschool Manager can make your school both flexible and fulfilling.

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Purposefully Spontaneous Planners

You look forward to each day as it comes. Your family learns life lessons in every moment and each experience. Whether you claim the label unschooler, experience-based homeschooler, elementary mom, or you’re just a family who loves to learn as you travel, you refuse to be bound by lesson plans and someone else’s curriculum.

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