Purposefully Spontaneous Planners and Homeschool Manager

butterflySpontaneity isn’t enjoyable if you have to stop a magical learning moment to make detailed notes in your planner. Instead, with Homeschool Manager, you can easily enter the task, description and/or grade for your spontaneous learning experience whenever you want.

Purposefully Spontaneous Planners look forward to each day as it comes. Your family learns life lessons in every moment and each experience. Whether you claim the label unschooler, experience-based homeschooler, elementary mom, or you’re just a family who loves to learn as you travel, you refuse to be bound by lesson plans and someone else’s curriculum.

Some features you may like:

  • Drag-and-drop to quickly move or copy tasks on a student’s schedule and make room for hands-on learning
  • Manual overrides for all fields on report cards and transcripts
  • Enter in assignments for experiences and grades whenever you want
  • Easily change dates for any task