Adapting Planners and Homeschool Manager

fluidDo you plan one unit study at a time? Does your school revolve around re-enacting, community events or travel with Dad? Do you care for aging parents or struggle with health issues? Adapting Planners have goals and lesson plans but constantly flex them to fit their family’s circumstances. If you’ve learned to change directions when you hear about an interesting event or an illness comes your way, see how Homeschool Manager can make your school both flexible and fulfilling.

We built Homeschool Manager with flexibility in mind so when life happens, it’s very easy to adjust. Instead of constantly rearranging your homeschooling schedule, we’ve created a “backlog” of scheduled tasks that were never accomplished. Just let your kids work off the backlog until your family is ready to move forward. If you need to change the date or an assignment, this can be done quickly from the schedule or gradebook.

Some features you may like:

  • Drag-and-drop to quickly move or copy tasks on a student’s schedule
  • A backlog list of overdue tasks that students have not completed
  • The ability to print a student’s weekly schedule
  • An easy-to-see, easy-to-use weekly view of a student’s schedule
  • Manual overrides for all fields on report cards and transcripts
  • Easily change dates for any task