Celebrate ALWAYS!

by Elizabeth Bennett

Pause, Mama. Pause, and breathe deep. There is a sweetness in the crisp air, anticipation. Are you aware of it?

Or, have all the “shoulds,” to-do lists, menu planning, baking, cleaning, & packing diverted your focus to the land of stress and anxiety?

Pause. Let’s adjust our spirits to one of celebration and thankfulness.

Creating a culture of celebration

This morning we woke to glittering frost. The kids were bursting with excitement and couldn’t wait to go outside and look at the tiny crystals.

“Will you come, Mom?” they asked. This is where I wish I could tell you that I Create a culture of celebrationwas super pumped about embracing the moment and rediscovering the wonder of Jack Frost’s work… NOPE! My thoughts sounded more like this: “That would require getting out of my PJs AND putting on shoes… all for what? To get COLD? It’s 23 degrees out there! Nope! That’s a no. Nope nopety nope! And besides, you kids have NO idea how much I have to get done today.”

But I heard myself say “Sure! Sounds fun.” So I dug out my down coat, long socks, and boots and clumped down the stairs into the winterish wonderland. And it was magical. Bright fall leaves encrusted in thousands of glittering ice crystals, iced-over mud puddles perfect for shattering. Red cardinals all fat in their winter feathers flitting from dry flower to tree in search of seeds.

It was lovely. Effortlessly, my attitude and outlook from the “I need to___” stream of thought to pure delight. And, we made a memory.Creating a culture of celebration

We came inside and drank some hot chocolate to warm us up and then I opened “24 Family Ways” and began our study on Thankfulness; here’s the first reading:

“Celebrate always, pray continually, and give thanks to God no matter what circumstances you find yourself in. This is God’s will for all of you in Jesus the Anointed.” – 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Celebrate ALWAYS! Even when you don’t have time to be reading a blog and you “should” be chopping celery for tomorrow’s stuffing. Even when your heart is struggling to smile when you think about all the family gathering because of strained relationships and wounds that run deep. Loneliness, loved ones oh so far. Or loss that is just too fresh.  Our Daddy God invites us to celebrate! All week we have been challenging each other when our attitudes get mucky, “What are you thankful for in this?” How can we possibly give thanks to the Father without celebration? And how can we possibly celebrate at ALL times without giving thanks to Him?Creating a culture of celebration

As moms we have the honor to create a culture of celebration in our homes, bubbling up from our knowing who our Daddy is and spilling out on our husbands and kids…filling our homes and spilling out into the street. Create a culture of celebrationCelebration can be a simple as a smile, or a surprise tickle, or just throwing the kettle on to boil and serving your kids a quick cup of tea or cocoa. Celebration is a heart attitude that seeks expression and will simply spill out of you!

So, sweet momma, today as you prepare your Thanksgiving feast, turn on music–the best kind of dancing is in the kitchen! Tickle instead of scowling. Laugh at spilled milk and before the day charges on, pull up your boots and go outside and discover wonder with your children.

Give thanks with a grateful heart and CELEBRATE!


P.S.sister celebration

I want to shout from the rooftops that my sister is here!!! (For 4 whole months) AND Leah, my daddy, and my mommy will be here today to dance in the kitchen too!!! This is me celebrating! :)

Published by Elizabeth Bennett