The Homeschool Manager Schedule

Scheduling and planning that's flexible and organized.

Homeschooling should be organized, but hey, things happen. Easily adjust and edit your schedule.

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Record keeping through printable report cards, transcripts, volunteer hours, and book lists

Homeschool Manager records and prints everything you need for submitting your student's progress to others. Use these printouts for scholarship applications, status updates to evaluators, or progress updates for your students.

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Report Card
The Homeschool Manager Dashboard

Grading and task management that shows what's overdue and what needs grading

Make your life easier with one view that shows you where your students are falling behind and which tasks they've completed that need you (or an older sibling) to review and grade.

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Reviews from parents using Homeschool Manager

“The checklist idea is so good – so very good. And I am loving my list of overdue and to be graded tasks. No more will my crafty kids get away with skipping assignments when I am busy or distracted! I hope.”


“It’s working great for my Challenge B daughter. She sets it up each week and I can see what she’s accomplishing throughout the day. Hoping to use it for my younger students, too.”