Tracking Time and Attendance in Homeschool Manager

by Joe Bennett

Depending on your state’s homeschooling laws, you may need to track your child’s time and attendance. You can get a better idea of these requirements for your state by going to this page on HSLDA’s website.

If you do need to track time and attendance for your child, or if you’d just like to for your own purposes or to be proactive, this is how you go about doing so in Homeschool Manager…

The important thing to know about time and attendance in Homeschool Manager is that each time a task gets checked off as complete two things happen:

  1. The average time you set for that subject gets accounted for
  2. Attendance for the day the task is scheduled on gets recorded

Average time spent per day on each subject

When you set up a school year Homeschool Manager will ask you the average amount of time you spend on each subject. This approach is based on that of colleges and public schools where you get time counted for an attended class whether you do one task or 20. This helps to keep things simple and manageable. If you’d like to adjust the time spent, you can do so after-the-fact by going to the Time and Attendance record in the subject admin area.

Attendance for a subject


A day gets recorded as attended in Homeschool Manager when any task is completed on that day. This is really important to realize because if your child is completing overdue tasks, they will get attendance recorded for the days on which those tasks were scheduled.

This is one way of using Homeschool Manager to avoid needing to extend your school year due to missed days.

The time and attendance record for a school year

An Excel file can be exported from Homeschool Manager that contains time, attendance, tasks completed, and more information. You can generate this file by going to the “Documents” tab within a student.

Full time and attendance report

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Published by Joe Bennett